June 25, 2010

They Are Not Bears! Ok, Yeah They Are

Welcome to my random musings. You may be wondering why I started another blog. It is because mini Edward won't let me post things that aren't about him. He told me to get my own blog. So that's what I'm doing. I will be posting very random things, as you can tell from the title. Topics can range from Twilight, work (Oh, the joys of customer service), things I think about, my dog, music, movies, cars, food, and proper banking: ie, do not call your bank and ask them if you can cash a savings bond over the phone. And if you are holding the savings bond in your hands at the time, do not ask if there is a way to find out if you already cashed it. <---- True story. The employees will ridicule you like crazy after you hang up. So you see, there is a little something for everyone.

I'm going to start with something that happened over the weekend on Father's Day. My dad, who lives in Michigan, drove down for a few days and stayed with one of my brothers who lives in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. There is a ton of wildlife there that is constantly trudging through the yard. Well while we were sitting and chatting, my dad, ever the observant redneck, spotted something black out the window. Here is what was right next to the house...

My nephews kept shouting "Bears! Look, bears!" And we kept telling them to be quiet so they wouldn't run off so we could get good pictures of them. After the bears sauntered into the woods, my dad went right to the computer to google bear hunting licenses in Pennsylvania and wants to come back during bear hunting season and sit in the kitchen window with his gun. One of my brothers asked him why he wanted to sit in the house and not in the woods. My dad replied, "So I have somewhere to set my coffee." Just another day in redneck paradise.
How was your Father's Day?