July 31, 2010

They're Here!

Well not yet they aren't, but we can at least see what they look like. I'm talking about the Series 2 Eclipse Action figures. Why do I get so excited about these? Unfortunately, do not have a release date. My guess is that they will show up right before the DVD release.

Lets give a looky, shall we?

Here is Edward. All they did was take his coat away. And he looks really upset about it. They couldn't have given him one of the other 50 outfits he wore in the movie? I thought artists were supposed to be creative. Oh well, you all know that I will end up with one anyway.

"Someone stole my coat." pout

Next up we have Rosalie. I was very excited to hear they were coming out with her when they announced it months ago. I couldn't wait. And her face is really spot on. It looks just like Nikki. However I don't recall the stories ever saying that Rosalie had carpel tunnel. Poor girl. I will definitely be acquiring one of these. How much fun would it be to have Rosalie live with 8 Edwards! Oh, wait, it will probably be 9 by then.


They have a new Bella. I think. It could be this one crazy girl from my Middle School though. I'm still undecided on this. Don't you just love how they even made action figure Bella look like she is wearing a wig too. That is attention to detail in it's finest.

"At least LwE didn't make fun of my Keds."

Last but not least we have another shirtless Jacob. This is of no use to me. As you know I have a quarrel with Neca for not making bendable elbows for the action figures any more. this one doesn't even have movable arms. They paralyzed him!! That is just wrong. It does look like him though. And at least he got a costume change. Lucky dog.

"So the dog jokes are here to stay, huh? You're lucky I can't punch you."

That's all of them. Hopefully for Breaking Dawn they come out with a Carlisle. I really need someone to keep all my Edwards in line.

July 28, 2010

I Need A Hero

When Mrs. P over at TwiBite made mention of making your own super hero over here, I was all over that. I totally had to do it. So I did. And let me tell you, the resemblance between me and my alter ego super hero here is uncanny.

Super LwE

Yep, that is exactly what I look like. To the T. Except for the pink hair. I would have that if my place of employment allowed it. But everything else, identical.

I showed Edward my super hero and he was jealous. He wanted one, too. So I was kind enough to make a Super Edward. This is the best I could do with the options given. I don't think it is too shabby.

Super Edward

He's got the black cuff on the right hand. Bat wings. A lion tail. That is completely appropriate. Edward was pleased with the out come. However, I wish they would have had a denim coat option and perhaps a nice square jaw, and better hair. Oh hell, they should just have a Rob option. Duh.

I would also like to give a special thank you to Mrs. P for teaching me how to save the pics of the super heroes when the web site is mean and won't let you have them. Bite me, Marvel!

July 16, 2010

Simple Pleasures

These are some photos of the sunset in front of our house tonight. I am posting them for no other reason than they are pretty. That is all. Enjoy.

July 13, 2010

Fortune Or Innuendo Cookies?

At work, yesterday, some of my coworkers decided to have Chinese for lunch. After the food was delivered and passed out to the participating employees, there were quite a few fortune cookies left over. My manager started to tell us about a fun way to read fortune cookies that I was never aware of. I don't know if any of you know about this little trick, but if you do, this post should still be a bit entertaining.

My manager stated to us that if you add the words "In bed" to the end of every fortune, it completely changes the meaning of the proverb and works almost will all cookies. Basically, we are taking what is meant to be an up lifting tid bit of wisdom and turning it into dirty innuendo. But what else would you expect from us Americans. It's pretty much what we do.

Now, me never having heard this before made me really excited to open all the fortune cookies and see if it was true that it worked for almost all of them. Well, it does, and we had a blast reading them all and considering their alternate meanings. Here is what we came up with. Remember to add "In bed" to the end of each one.

Some things do need to be compensated for.

They could have been having an off night.

First one to RPattz wins!

This does not apply to all bedtime activities but some activities involving Fifty Shades.

Lucky you!

This little game made me want to go back and re-read the fortune that Edward had a few months back and see it's double meaning.

This statement is now both true and false.

Do you have any left over fortunes lying around that you now need to take another look at? Do you remember any that you may have received? Spill them in the comments because I am sooooo entertained by this.

July 3, 2010

Neca Had It Right The First Time

You may be wondering why you are seeing mini Edward below here and thinking that I may have posted on the wrong blog. Well, this post really isn't about any thing that mini Edward did but more about mini Edward in general. Kind of like a "your mom" joke. It's not really about specifically your mom, but your mom in general. Catch my drift? No? Alright let's move on anyway.

Most of you know about my love of mini Edward. I am very grateful to Neca for creating him. If it wasn't for Neca, you all wouldn't even know I existed. Now I know all of you are grateful for Neca.

Who is Neca might you ask? Neca is the company that supplies all your crack..er.. I mean Twilight merchandise. Neca is responsible for bringing this into my life:

I have to admit that I was very impressed with mini Edward's likeness to Robert Pattinson. It's not easy to make a mass produced action figure look exactly like it's muse, so I give props to Neca for the detail that went into the hair, the face, the jaw, and even the general body shape is pretty similar. So similar in fact, that while looking through some Eclipse Premier photos, I spotted something familiar. Pay attention to Rob in this photo. Honestly, who else would you pay attention to?

Crazy huh? The only thing mini Edward is missing is someone wrinkling his coat. Seriously, why wasn't he batting her away all night. He should make her pay his dry cleaning bill.

Basically, what I'm saying is that Neca had a good thing going. They had the perfect mold for mini Edward. He looked right, had wonderful bendable elbows that made posing easy, and a posable tilting head that changes his expression. All they had to do for the next films was change the outfit.

I was so excited for the release of the New Moon action figures. I remember being at work and checking all the Twi blogs and someone posted the first pics of the action figures. I couldn't wait to see, but when I first saw NM mini Edward, my heart sunk a little....

Ok, he's not that bad. The face and hair are a lot different but still bears an acceptable resemblance. The outfit is completely boring with some of the highest waisted pants ever. I know Edward is 109 and all, but he doesn't have to dress like it. They should have used the Strutward outfit. Then I was really saddened by the lack of bendable elbows. Oh well, I thought, and just went to the store to get one anyway. But what I found scared the bejebus out of me.

What the crap?! What happened?! Neca screwed up Edward as much as Summit did! When did Edward gain 30 pounds? Is Edward allergic to bee stings because his face and neck are more swollen than a body builder's. Why did they model the chin after Jay Leno? This looks like a mix between Donny Osmand and Arnold Schwartzinager. And to be honest it frightens me. It turns out the proto type they show everyone is not quite what they mass produce and sell. I was heart broken. I could not bring myself to buy one. Even about a month ago when I found it for $2.50 I still couldn't do it.
Then they came out with this..

Poor guy, I think Kristen Stewart got a hold of his shirt. And I don't recall Edward wearing a corset under his shirt either. And we're still going with the ugly face? Ok.
I didn't have my hopes up for the Eclipse action figures. I was secretly hoping that they would fix all the issues with NM Edward. They did do a bit of a better job with the face and gave him a tilting head. In my line of bloggy work, that is a must.

Honestly, the I think the only reason I can tolerate this one is the outfit. I'm sucker for the denim coat, but I don't know why Neca made it black. Still we have no bendable elbows though. I am saddened by all of this. I know all of you are probably weeping by now after reading this. I feel your pain. I wonder if we all sign a petition, Neca will go back to the original mold and not screw up the Breaking Dawn Edward. Some how, I doubt it.
I guess you just can't mess with perfection.