July 31, 2010

They're Here!

Well not yet they aren't, but we can at least see what they look like. I'm talking about the Series 2 Eclipse Action figures. Why do I get so excited about these? Unfortunately, do not have a release date. My guess is that they will show up right before the DVD release.

Lets give a looky, shall we?

Here is Edward. All they did was take his coat away. And he looks really upset about it. They couldn't have given him one of the other 50 outfits he wore in the movie? I thought artists were supposed to be creative. Oh well, you all know that I will end up with one anyway.

"Someone stole my coat." pout

Next up we have Rosalie. I was very excited to hear they were coming out with her when they announced it months ago. I couldn't wait. And her face is really spot on. It looks just like Nikki. However I don't recall the stories ever saying that Rosalie had carpel tunnel. Poor girl. I will definitely be acquiring one of these. How much fun would it be to have Rosalie live with 8 Edwards! Oh, wait, it will probably be 9 by then.


They have a new Bella. I think. It could be this one crazy girl from my Middle School though. I'm still undecided on this. Don't you just love how they even made action figure Bella look like she is wearing a wig too. That is attention to detail in it's finest.

"At least LwE didn't make fun of my Keds."

Last but not least we have another shirtless Jacob. This is of no use to me. As you know I have a quarrel with Neca for not making bendable elbows for the action figures any more. this one doesn't even have movable arms. They paralyzed him!! That is just wrong. It does look like him though. And at least he got a costume change. Lucky dog.

"So the dog jokes are here to stay, huh? You're lucky I can't punch you."

That's all of them. Hopefully for Breaking Dawn they come out with a Carlisle. I really need someone to keep all my Edwards in line.


Dangrdafne said...

Oh My Goodness - we need Carlisle. I wonder if we can start a petition or something!!! I would love a Carlisle... esp since my hubby won't let me know a FSC (full size Carlisle).

Creepy hands on Rosalie but otherwise looks just like her. Bella looks nothing like Bella to me. Jacob is spot on but funny that he wouldn't be able to carry Bella like he does in that outfit in the movie, since his arms won't bend. And why oh why not a different outfit for the new Edward?? harumph

Living with Edward said...

Yes, we must take action to get Carlisle released! How much fun would it be to have little posts called Vampy Teachings or something like that where mini Carlisle imparts his wisdom and encouragement to us?? I NEED Carlisle!!!

TongueTwied said...

Rosalie (aka Smurfette) is really close to how she looked except for "the claw."

That's supposed to be Bella? She looks like someone else. I can't think of who but when it hits me I'll let you know. Sort of like a teenager that had an unnecessary facelift.

Here's hoping they get Carlisle SO WRONG that they give him brown hair. ;)

Jayla said...

OMG- I love Rosalie's FMPs- I want a pair.

Bella- gawd awful.. no words.

I want Jasper on a horse- can I please have him on horse? please!