November 18, 2010

Jumping Rob Installment 4

Ok, I guess I'm still not sick of it. Here are some more.

Some really tough competition going on here.

No, Charlie, I'm so not streaking with Edward Cullen.

Are we jealous of Taylor Lautner's skills or the fact he hosted SNL?

Looks like Edward is still hunting.

And now it looks like Edward is being hunted.

Definitely not Fifty.

November 17, 2010

You Asked For It, More Jumping Rob

I honestly thought this would be old by now, but I have had quite a few requests for more Jumping Rob.  So here you go.

Someone doesn't appreciate the dress code.

A new spin on Pocket Edward.

Bella describes watching Edward hunt as being sensual.  I think I see what she means.

How many of you would save more money if this was on it?

This guy will never get away with what he is about to do.

Here is Jumping Rob doing Turbo Fire. He is very enthusiastic. Look at that energy!

Run Rob, run!!

I don't really have a caption for this one.

I think if Rob were to see this, he would have a very similar reaction.

There you have it folks. This may be the end of my Jumping Rob kick. Unless, I think of something really friggin funny.

November 16, 2010

LwE's Week 1 Results

So I have completed one week of my new fitness routine! To say I'm excited about it is an understatement. I really do love the new workout I'm doing. It's called Turbo Fire. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a challenge in their workout and who wants to burn a lot of fat and calories fast. You can check it out at For those who want a good fat and calorie burn but with not as high crazy intensity, then I recommend Turbo Jam. Still an awesome workout with great results.

But my favorite thing about Turbo Fire is the really hot guy in his undies they have in the videos!

Here is my progress for the week!

November 15, 2010

More Jumping Rob To Love

So clearly I have a new obsession.  I can't seem to make enough of these.  I'm sure this won't stop here.  Rob is way too much fun to play with. 

Watch out Dracula.  Jumping Rob will cut you.

"Sparkle this, bitch!"

Just because.

Here is Rob involved in some Star Wars antics.

"There is no streaking on the Death Star!  Did the Emperor put you up to this?!"


Spiderman is not happy with his sidekick's costume choice.

Edward thought that he could sneak past the wolf pack and onto LaPush as long as he tried to blend in by wearing a traditional werewolf uniform.  However, I'm pretty sure he was noticed.
"I didn't know we had such pale werewolves."
"We don't."

Looks like everyone wants a little taste of Rob.

November 14, 2010

Can't Get Enough Of Jumping Rob

I am thoroughly enjoying all of the Jumping Rob photos so much.  I could not resist making some of my own.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Here we see a revised version of the Meadow Scene from Twilight.

I'm thrilled that we finally get to see Edward hunting!!

I got to go to a 100 Monkeys show last year and look who rushed the stage!!

Here we see that Rob knows how to start the party, albeit inappropriately.

And I just had to put him in a pic with mini Edward.

"Last one in is a sparkly vampire!"

Wow, that was fun. I wonder how many more of these things I will make.

November 9, 2010

LwE's Get Fit, Don't Quit!

Some seriousness ladies. I am starting a new work out routine and decided to start doing video blogs about it. Why blog about it you ask? Accountability. I need something and someone to help keep me motivated, so I bring you LwE's Get Fit, Don't Quit!

In these vids I will bring you what I'm doing, my progress, and fitness and nutritional tips. If you have any questions yourself, please ask! I will do my best to answer. So to start, here is a recent pic of me taken in Forks. My weight here is 182 pounds.

I want to get back closer to this, which is about 140 pounds.

My ultimate goal would be to reach about 125. I don't know if that is possible for my body type but I have been a flabby 130 in the past, so I'm thinking it's possible!

So here is my first vid, or vids. Sorry about the length. I had to cut it in two for you tube. I will make them shorter in the future. I promise!

Rob Pattinson Gets Sick In Brazil!!

It seems that Rob has had a bout of nausea on the set of Breaking Dawn. Either that or he is prone to sea sickness. Whatever it is, it is the cause for a possible wardrobe change for Kristen Stewart's dress.

We are told not to worry about filming, that it is all on schedule and this little vomiting incident will not push back the release date. The only problem right now is a highly disputed charge on who should pay the dry cleaner.