November 15, 2010

More Jumping Rob To Love

So clearly I have a new obsession.  I can't seem to make enough of these.  I'm sure this won't stop here.  Rob is way too much fun to play with. 

Watch out Dracula.  Jumping Rob will cut you.

"Sparkle this, bitch!"

Just because.

Here is Rob involved in some Star Wars antics.

"There is no streaking on the Death Star!  Did the Emperor put you up to this?!"


Spiderman is not happy with his sidekick's costume choice.

Edward thought that he could sneak past the wolf pack and onto LaPush as long as he tried to blend in by wearing a traditional werewolf uniform.  However, I'm pretty sure he was noticed.
"I didn't know we had such pale werewolves."
"We don't."

Looks like everyone wants a little taste of Rob.


TongueTwied said...

oh you eFFin' make me laugh! The wolf pack! LOL!!! Can you believe Lisa was trying to claim that pool picture as being her??? Pfffft!

Charla said...

LMAO! I love these!!! The Rob with the wolves is my favorite! "Shiiiit, better get out of this beezy!!"

Dangrdafne said...


Oh my, just what I needed, thanks :)

Demanda said...

OME! The Pokemon one killed me! LOL LOL LOL!

Mrs. P @ TwiBite said...

OMG....he's with the wolf pack!!! LMAO! I loved his web in the Spidey photo. ROFLMAO!