November 17, 2010

You Asked For It, More Jumping Rob

I honestly thought this would be old by now, but I have had quite a few requests for more Jumping Rob.  So here you go.

Someone doesn't appreciate the dress code.

A new spin on Pocket Edward.

Bella describes watching Edward hunt as being sensual.  I think I see what she means.

How many of you would save more money if this was on it?

This guy will never get away with what he is about to do.

Here is Jumping Rob doing Turbo Fire. He is very enthusiastic. Look at that energy!

Run Rob, run!!

I don't really have a caption for this one.

I think if Rob were to see this, he would have a very similar reaction.

There you have it folks. This may be the end of my Jumping Rob kick. Unless, I think of something really friggin funny.


Dangrdafne said...

Rob who runs with wolves is his Indian name LOL!!!!

17foreverlisa said...

LMAO!! These still crack me up. Your captions with the pictures are just as funny. The hunting pictures are the best.

Create more when you feel like it. I will definitely look at them.



Smitten said...

I love these. I am convinced this will never get old, so keep 'em coming!

fanficzombie said...

Agreed -- these will never get old. You will just have to randomly throw one out there from time to time! Love it@!!

Twilove1_sue said...

LWE, I love Jumping Rob so much and I know I'll never get tired of him!! These are fabulous, so keep 'em coming!

TongueTwied said...

Funny, Edward hunting isn't quite as graceful I envisioned, but now at least I know why he never got even a drop of blood or dirt on his clothes--he hunted in his underwear. LMAO!!

These were all great choices, LwE! Maybe we can get a picture of Rob jumping somewhere at Your Mom's house.